Our ultimate goal is to develop artificial clinical intelligence that transforms dementia healthcare.

Previous efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat dementia have only been partially successful and a new more innovative approach is required. We believe that data science and artificial intelligence (AI) provide the key to unlocking complex patterns and disease signatures hidden in rich clinical, imaging, genetic, lifestyle, environmental and digital data.

We focus our research on key challenges which represent areas in which data science and AI can have a game-changing impact for dementia healthcare. Our research is enhanced by collaborations with patients, carers, clinicians, industry, charities, and healthcare providers worldwide.



Prevention is better than cure. Identifying potentially modifiable environmental and lifestyle risk factors may provide the key to preventing dementia.

Timely diagnosis

Many people are never diagnosed with dementia or are diagnosed during the later stages. Intelligent systems may help clinicians identify dementia disease signatures earlier and more accurately.

DEMON Network

Join the national network for the application of data science and AI to dementia research. We believe that data science and AI can transform dementia research and healthcare.


Selected Publications

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