DECODE system Highly Commended by AXA Healthcare

The DECODE system has been Highly Commended by AXA Healthcare in their Heroes of Health Tech award for Innovations in the Early Diagnosis of Dementia.

In partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK, this award aims to identify excellence in design innovation and technology development that can support the diagnosis of diseases underpinning dementia.

The panel were looking for innovative and unique approaches that could be used to support the diagnosis of diseases underlying dementia.

The panel commented that the software is “hugely important” and recognised DECODE as a “very effective tool for GP’s to speed up the diagnostic process and get treatment to patients much earlier”.

Dr Carol Routledge, Director of Research for Alzheimer’s Research UK commented: “Cognitive impairment is still the core criteria for dementia diagnosis with people visiting their doctors seeking help for cognitive impairment, they are then referred to a memory clinic for more detailed testing and an ultimate diagnosis.  However, these referrals are far from accurate and often take a significant period of time.  DECODE will significantly improve both the accuracy and efficiency of referrals to memory clinics and this in turn will revolutionise the process of accurate diagnosis for individuals and for their families.”

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