Picking a fight with dementia since 2006.

We are a multidisciplinary research group who aims to harness the power of data science and artificial intelligence to prevent, identify and treat dementia more effectively.

We undertake research which tackles some of the biggest challenges in science and medicine. Our ultimate goal is to develop artificial clinical intelligence that transforms dementia healthcare.

We collaborate with healthcare providers, charities, universities, and industry to apply this research to personalised dementia medicine. The technologies which we are developing have the potential to transform the way in which dementia is diagnosed. Our research is made possible by charities, the NHS, Research Councils, and other supporters.


Meet some of the team

Prof David Llewellyn

Principal Investigator

David is a Professor at the University of Exeter Medical School and a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. He also holds an honorary contract with Devon Partnership NHS Trust. He moved to Exeter in 2009 having received advanced training in epidemiology and data science as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. His research aims to enhance the timely detection of dementia, with a focus on developing strategies for primary and secondary prevention. He uses a combination of evidence synthesis, data science and machine learning to develop new translational insights to identify more effective interventions and enhance the diagnostic pathway for dementia. He is an expert on the evaluation of cognitive function and dementia, and is a member of the scientific advisory boards of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies. He sits on Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Grant Review Board and their Clinical Policy Advisory Panel. David is also the Exeter Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Clinical Theme Lead and the Turing Exeter University Clinical Lead. He sits on the Steering Committee and leads the Clinical Advisory Group of the Early Detection of Neurodegeneration (EDoN) Initiative (edon-initiative.org) and is Director of the DEMON Network (demondementia.com) the national network for data science and AI applied to dementia research.

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Felicity Guest

Computer Scientist

Felicity began her PhD in September 2015 after completing her undergraduate degree, during which she undertook projects in automating the identification, and predicting the growth, of cancerous tumours in the head and neck; and modelling the human spine. She is a member of the Alzheimer’s Society Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Exeter. In particular, her PhD research explores the use of advanced computational modelling for the differential diagnosis of dementia, with a view to inform the debate about the optimal diagnostic categories for dementia; and her current research interests include machine learning, image processing and real-world problems.

Dr Janice Ranson

Data Scientist

Janice Ranson is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter Medical School, with a background in psychological research methods and advanced statistical analysis. She is particularly interested in prediction model development, and her research is focused on the derivation and validation of the underlying predictive algorithms for DECODE, using nationally representative population-based cohorts and clinical data. Prior to her PhD, Janice worked for Devon and Cornwall Police Intelligence Directorate as an Operational Intelligence Researcher, responsible for the analysis of large crime and communications data. She is also the DEMON Network Deputy Director (demondementia.com), playing an instrumental role in the national network for data science and AI applied to dementia research.

Dr Charlotte James

Research Fellow

Charlotte is a Research Fellow in Data Science at the University of Exeter Medical School working on two projects: DEMON Network and SAMueL. Prior to joining the College of Medicine and Health, Charlotte held research positions in the Q-Step Center, University of Exeter, and the Population Health Sciences Institute, University of Bristol. Charlotte’s background is in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and she has a PhD in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Bristol. Her current work focuses on the application of data science and AI to health research.

Sarah White

Research Administrator

Sarah has worked within supporting roles in the research arena since 2006, initially as a research administrator to a number of large, EU-funded projects. She then moved to the University of Exeter in 2007 to undertake posts that involved supporting a number of health research studies within the Medical School. These roles have included Research Administrator, Associate Research Fellow, and Research Manager.

Janice Alcott

Research Administrator

Janice joined the DEMON Network team in September 2019, after working in the University of Exeter Finance Team and in Postgraduate Admissions. Her role as administrator involves providing front line support and advice to academics and partners involved in the running of the network and the delivery of its outputs. This includes research development, project co-ordination, financial elements and impact reporting.


Our Supporters

Our research is made possible by the generous support of the following partners: